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Christopher Hulme was born in Melbourne in 1949. He received his Dip. Art and Design majoring in printmaking at the Prahran institute of Technology, Melbourne. 1982 He subsequently achieved his Diploma in Education in order to become an art teacher. Christopher is the proud father of four children and he has practiced yoga under a traditional teacher for 30 Years. He also has an interest in Japanese Culture and the modern martial art, Aikido. He moved to Queensland in 1986, and became self employed in the decorative tile industry, establishing Studio 13 in 1991 in order to pursue his interest in decorative tiles, slumped glass, bowls and ceramic paintings. Christopher Hulme held his first one man exhibition in 1973 and subsequently has held many Printing and Painting Exhibitions in both Warwick, Queensland and Melbourne. He specialises in Abstract art, fused and slumped glass objects, textured acrylic painting and ceramic mosaics.

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  1. Robin Winter Robin Winter

    Have always loved your work Chris. It is still beautiful and inspiring.

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