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Artists Statement

I make art because I realised many years ago that for my peace of mind (sanity) I must MAKE. The practice of crafting things gives me purpose in this puzzling, crazy world. How that works? One can only speculate, but for me I find myself expressing through images, the eternal questions. What is my identity? What is the source of joy and why must artists be perpetually poor? Is death the ultimate marketing campaign?

My involvement in art as always been a personal meditation. An inner search for some deeper purpose t life. At one level making pictures in glass or paint gives expression to a personal aesthetic. Through this searching, establishing a source of joy, of beauty and of truth. At another level it give me a means of refining technique and methods which require improvement in concentration and application of self discipline.

Art is for the nourishment of the soul. Quiet reflection time with a high level of concentration. I am seeking always, for the spark of joy to be revealed… through a new colour, texture or shimmer of light. I seek to awaken gratitude for the wonderment of life. To banish the mundane, to show that there is more to life than appears on the surface.